Screenshot_2018-01-11-15-51-51-1Tell me a little about yourself and your background?

I am the Founder and CEO of ReBuilt Meals based out of Tampa, FL. I have owned two businesses before this, one being an automotive reconditioning company (Way out of the fitness industry, I know.) and the other being an online fitness marketing company.  I’m a risk taker and I love the thrill of something new and new ventures.  I’m also an extremely (some would say overly) optimistic and positive person.  Life is way too short to live any other way!  I believe fitness has been a HUGE contributor to my successes in my life.

What aspect of fitness do you enjoy the most?

All of it! Such an average answer, right?  I enjoy the “high” I get afterwards, the feeling of accomplishment.  Knowing that I did something new, something I didn’t think I could do.  I pushed my body to a different level and now it’s time to repair and build it back up only to push it further the next time.  It becomes extremely addicting.  This feeling of accomplishment becomes so addicting that I want to feel it all the time, which is why I feel that I am always motivated in every aspect of my life.

How long have you been into fitness?

I have been in the fitness industry for 10 years now!  Time Flies…

How did you get into fitness?

Acne.  Acne got me into fitness.  I was 15 years old, I had bad skin, and was willing to try anything to get rid of the acne.  I read a few articles online about how diet plays a huge role in hormones and can cause acne.  The day after I read the article, I threw away ALL the food in my house that wasn’t a whole food.  When I say whole food, I mean everything that didn’t have to be made in a factory and wrapped, was tossed out. From there, I started eating a lot of veggies, lean meats, and sweet potatoes (my favorite go-to for carbs).  My acne started clearing up a little but not completely, so I then read more articles explaining that exercise is great for balancing hormones.  Shortly after, my dad purchased a Bowflex and taught me the building blocks of working out in our garage.  From that day forward, my acne cleared and I obsessed over fitness every day since.

What was a turning point for you to take it seriously?

I honestly don’t think I had a single turning point.  There have been 6 month strides where I am 100% dedicated and focused on nothing but fitness and my health, and then I also go through points where I am a little more loose on my diet and exercising.  Fitness is a journey and a lifestyle, but don’t forget to enjoy other things in your life. It’s all about balance. I follow the 80/20 rule, stay strict 80% of the time and 20% you can do what you want.  Just remember that it’s your only body you have to live in, so treat it right and with respect.

How has fitness impacted your life?

It taught me discipline. This rule of discipline carries over to my business, my relationships, and my personal growth.  Without discipline and structure, my life would be a mess. It’s taught me how to set goals, stay on track, and follow through. Fitness will forever be a part of my life, no matter what obstacle stands in my way.

What words of advice or encouragement would you give to someone starting out or would like to start but doesn’t know where to begin?

Make time and START!  Take action NOW.  There will never be that perfect opportunity, that perfect moment, or perfect day with the perfect amount of time.  If it’s important to you, you will make time.

Another thing is start small.  You don’t have to have everything laid out perfectly.  Start with small walks, take away some bad food but not all of it, and slowly make adjustments each week to be better and better.

There is a saying I tell everyone when they start their fitness journey.  “If you throw a frog in a pot full of boiling water, it will jump out.  But if you put a frog in the pot with water before turning on the heat, it’ll stay in.”  Basically, if you are eating bad, not working out and then on Monday you decide to go do a hardcore workout, eat 100% clean, do your cardio, and flat out go crazy overload with everything from the start, then you’ll say “screw this, this sucks”.  So make small adjustments into the lifestyle because this is not a quick fix to lose some weight.  This is something that you’ll be doing for the rest of your life, as you should.

Chandler Jerrico (@chandler_jerrico)

Founder and CEO of Rebuilt Meals (@rebuilt_meals), based in Tampa, FL

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