Screenshot_2017-09-03-22-04-33-1Tell me a little about yourself and your background?

Married, with a dog named Guinness and cat named Hobbes. Currently I have a few jobs.  My main one is being a Nutrition Manager for Oglethorpe Elementary School.  I also own the GO Kickball League here in Athens that plays in the fall and spring.  I still coach gymnastics part time at Oconee Gymnastics and Cheer.

I am a UGA graduate with a degree in Dietetics and Consumer Foods.  I was also a competitive cheerleader for UGA, serving as team captain for 2 years. During my time in college and some afterwards, I was in the United States Air Force Guard for 6 years where I was in computer operations. I served a tour in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

What aspect of fitness do you enjoy the most?

I enjoy all aspects of fitness. I can probably say my least favorite is cardio.  I tend to choose activities that cardio is mixed in, so I don’t notice it as much.

How did you get into fitness?

I cheated and started young.  My mom had me in gymnastics at the age of 5 and it continued from there.  I played basketball and took on some track and field events in high school.  In college, I was competitive cheerleader and of course the military “made me” do physical training.  Currently, I still do as much as I can with my students in gymnastics, even if it’s only conditioning and basic tumbling. I have also found boxing and weight lifting at Strength and Strikes, which is my thing now.

How has fitness impacted your life?

It’s my escape from all of life’s stresses.  It helps me clear my head and release any pent up emotions of everyday life. I guess it’s my meditation.

What words of advice or encouragement would you like to give to someone who is just starting out or would like to start but doesn’t know where to begin?

I have found that just signing up for a gym membership doesn’t necessarily commit you to exercising, including me. Finding a group activity is usually a good way to go regardless if you are starting out or not.  I find that an instructor and a group of people to be the best motivator for me. You also get to meet great people with similar interests along the way.  Try different things, and eventually you will find one that gets you hooked.  For me it’s a boxing class, for my mom it’s currently a line dancing group.

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Nutrition Manager for Oglethorpe Elementary School, owner of GO Kickball League in Athens, GA, and part time gymnastics coach at Oconee Gymnastics and Cheer.


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