Fitness Outreach ProjectTo be completely honest, I’m not very good with talking about myself so I prefer to think how I would want someone else to perceive me. When asked about Tayler Jordan, I would want someone to say,

Being born and raised in small-town, Alabama would disable many, but that was never an excuse to keep her from striving toward big aspirations. Rarely was opportunity ever knocking at the back door growing up, so there is no doubt that burning passion to inspire others along with strong faith drove her to where she stands today.

 Her purpose is to share the reality that health, fitness, and well-being can create feminine, radiant beauty. This beauty starts on the inside and shines on the outside. Living with a desire to have radiant beauty has developed a charisma about her that many describe as a “special sparkle”. 

 She implements this mentality through her every day life in several ways; sometimes by offering words of encouragement, providing educational content on social media, or maybe even as simple as flashing a genuine smile to a stranger.  She understands the smallest gesture can make the biggest impact.

 As The Sparkle Spreader, she is compelled to pursue her dream of spreading a special light all around the world. What began as a passion has evolved into a large opportunity for impact. Now she travels as an IFBB Bikini Pro and works as a Physique Transformation Coach at Mi40 Gym and Sponsored PEScience Athlete. She also represents CJ’s Elite Suits, Better Bodies clothing line, and Six Pack Fitness. Although she has already come a long way, she is more motivated now than ever to broaden her reach in order to impact even more individuals on a grander scale.”

My best advise…

Living happy and healthy looks different for everyone. My best advice it to adopt sustainable habits that fit well into your lifestyle while helping you reach your goals. And although you may have a single, ultimate goal, remember that the individuals you were able to impact along the journey are the most important part.

Instagram: @taylerjordanfit

IFBB Bikini Pro and trainer at @mi40_gym

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