301401D1-6814-4C64-AC07-D2BB2E425909Tell me a little about yourself and your background?

My name is Caleigh. I am 20 years old and I am in college with an Exercise Science major and Nutrition minor. My career goals are to be a Personal trainer (a traveling PT would be awesome), and a life coach. When I was younger, I used to run sprints for a recreational sport, then I moved onto gymnastics for a while, then went back to running Track & Field and Cross country. One of my best friends Ynez was the one that got me into running long distance, before that I was sprinting.

What aspect of fitness do you enjoy the most?

The part I enjoy most about fitness is the way I feel afterwards. I feel good in my body, I feel like my stress goes away, and I’m in a better mood and make better decisions. Working out is a way for me to check out of reality.

How did you get into fitness?

I’ve been into fitness since I was little, but in High school I started doing CrossFit and weight lifting along with Track and Cross country. I stopped CrossFit after I got into college and focused more on running for the school and making friends through sports. Last year was the last time I ran for the college because I discovered that I don’t enjoy running as much as I used to. I was good at it and my team and I won many championships, but I didn’t enjoy it. I started getting into weight lifting more and that is what I am currently still doing. I have gained so much more muscle and I love the way I look and feel.

How long have you been into fitness?

I got into weight lifting randomly. It was about 2-3 years ago.  I just went to the gym and started lifting weights and using the machines. I never really ran or did cardio at the gym, just the lifting. Then I started watching some body builders on YouTube and saw all the different exercises there are and got more serious with working out and more creative with my workouts as well.

What was a turning point for you to take it seriously?

What made me take it seriously was when I started seeing the changes in my muscle tone. I used to want to stay super small and not to be muscular because people thought it was too “manly”. Soooooo not true! I felt so good!! Once I started seeing more muscle and lifting more weight, I knew this is what I wanted to stick with and I took it more seriously.

How has fitness impacted your life?

Fitness impacts my life because it is something I always turn to as a therapy for bad days, or to have fun, and to see myself grow and improve. I love the way I am improving each time I go to the gym. I also just love getting outside to hike. Hiking is one of the things I love doing as much as I can. It’s another way for me to check out and relax and get in touch with nature and myself or those around me.

What words of advice or encouragement would you like to give to someone who is just starting out or would like to start but doesn’t know where to begin?

For someone starting out in fitness, I would say find something you love. If you don’t like lifting weights then don’t force yourself because you want to lose or gain some pounds. There are so many activities and different types of fitness you can find that you may end up loving, instead of forcing yourself to do something you don’t enjoy. And It’s okay to enjoy doing weightlifting (for example) and then find out later that you don’t enjoy it anymore and want to move on to something else. You can find different things you like to do and don’t have to stick with one thing because you think you need to, to look good. What you enjoy matters more, plus you can see self-improvement in different ways by doing different things!

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