Tell me a little about yourself and your background:

My name is Jess, I am 21 years old and I live in the Blue Mountains outside of Sydney, Australia. I live with a family of 6, plus two of us have partners, so it’s always a full house. I have been with my partner now for 3 and a half years and at the moment we are saving to buy a house or a block of land.

I am currently pursuing my dream of working in the fitness Industry by studying a Bachelor of Applied Fitness. I am absolutely loving the course and already know that this is exactly what I want to do with my life. I am extremely passionate about health and fitness and have been since I was quite young; however it took me a while to realize that it was something I wanted to take further than just a hobby.

Before discovering that Fitness would be my career, I was studying a bachelor of fine arts, of which I completed one year. This was definitely a worthwhile experience and I learnt a lot from the people there. I pursued this due to my love of drawing, and I had even managed to get into ‘Art Express’ which is an exhibition of the top artworks from the HSC majors.

I am now in my second year of studying fitness and I have big dreams to open my own gym one day!

What aspect of fitness do you enjoy the most?

Fitness is a really broad term and can be related to both exercise and overall health. I quite enjoy all aspects of fitness, i.e. the working out as well as the healthy diet. However, I definitely thrive off of my sessions at the gym. I like to do a variety of workouts, including HIIT, strength training for muscular endurance or hypertrophy, and at the moment I have been really getting into CrossFit.

How long have you been into fitness?

I have been training since I was about 14 years old. Back then I used to train twice a week doing boxing. My dad has owned a boxing gym for quite a while and I always loved to get amongst it, to the point where I was even going to compete. That was my physical activity for many years, and then just 2 years ago I got more into the weight training while still keeping up with my endurance levels. I am now training around 5 times a week.

How did I get into fitness?

Fitness was definitely introduced to me by my dad. It all started with the boxing as I mentioned earlier, and I was always so intrigued by the sport. I seemed to pick up the movements quite naturally, hence loving it straight away. Dad never forced me into fitness; he could always see my interest in it and rather helped me to succeed. I have learnt a wealth of knowledge from my dad and he is the one I should thank for leading me in the right direction towards my career. In saying that, my parents were 100% supportive of whatever I wanted to pursue in life, and I especially saw this when I was studying art, as they always showed such interest in my work. My parents are definitely proud that I have chosen to pursue fitness and I always appreciated their support, and I can’t thank them enough for everything they have helped me with in relation to getting where I am today.

What was a turning point for you to take it seriously?

I came to the realization about 2 to 3 years ago that I wanted to take fitness seriously. However it was only just over a year ago that I decided it would be my career. I had just finished my first year of art school, and had enrolled for second year, but as I went back for year 2, I came to realize that I wasn’t loving what I was doing anymore. And that’s when it hit me that my absolute passion in life was fitness, so why not take it further? That’s when I enrolled into my fitness course, and here I am today.

How has fitness impacted your life?

Fitness has impacted my life in so many ways. Not only am I at my peak fitness right now, but I have so much more knowledge surrounding health and fitness. I have met so many amazing people and formed some incredible friendships through the various phases in my fitness journey. Fitness has made me so much more confident in all aspects of life and it has definitely contributed to my overall happiness as a person.

What words of advice or encouragement would you like to give to someone who is just starting out or would like to start but doesn’t know where to begin?

The most valuable piece of advice I have for people just start out is to never compare your start point to someone else’s end point. Everyone is at a different stage in their fitness journey and it takes time to see results. I often see people start their fitness journey and then give up within a few weeks because they aren’t seeing any change. But as long as you have a balance between physical activity and healthy eating, you will strive on your journey.

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