image2.jpegTell me a little about yourself and your background?

I am a mum of 3 young kids, police officer and fitness coach for generally lifestyle changes, competition and posing for stage.

What aspect of fitness do you enjoy the most?

I enjoy lifting weights, minimal cardio.

How did you get into fitness?

I was just a general gym goer from early on, sticking to aerobic classes with no physical progression. I have been serious lifting for 3 years

How long have you been into fitness and what was a turning point for you to take it seriously?

I began lifting weights as I wanted to make a real change, see a difference. I was inspired by a woman I saw at the gym one day, she told me to go lift ‘like the boys’ and get my nutrition in check. Once I started lifting I was empowered and saw physical change which inspired me to compete.

How has fitness impacted your life?

Lifting has impacted my life substantially. The mental changes most significant in how I am no longer the anxiety ridden, self-conscious person I was before. I now have a positive mindset and feel I can do anything my mind is set to. I have achieved more than I ever knew possible and am reaching my personal and professional goals. I have started my own business and am now considered an inspiring mother and woman to many. I can help other women achieve their goals and when I see that change in them, that positive, confident shift, it honesty makes me know I am on the right path. I love my fitness job!!

What words of advice or encouragement would you like to give to someone who is just starting out or would like to start but doesn’t know where to begin?

Just trust in the process of change. It takes time to adjust mindset. Every day, work on a positive mindset and the rest will follow. Believe in yourself, focus on you… realize you may lose some negative people around you but will gain much more positivity and success in the long run. Surround yourself with like-minded people. Ask questions, research, and get yourself a good coach.

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